Changing lives
through dance and art

We provide inclusive opportunities for youth and children in Tanzania to engage in activities focused on the holistic benefits of dance, art, and self-expression.

We believe expression through art contributes immensely to the healthy growth and development of children.

RAFIKI is a non-profit organization founded in Norway with its head of operation in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. We provide creative-based, yet educational programming including, fine art, dance, music and yoga that contributes to develop academic and personal growth.

Ultimately, the personal growth will balance the individual in a way that gives them inner confidence, creativity and dynamic thinking to become empowered changemakers.

Arts Program

The regular after-school programming focuses on dance, music, fine-art and drama. The students explore various art mediums in both traditional and modern forms to gain confidence, creative and dynamic thinking.

Environment Program

When saying nurturing environment, we focus not only on taking care of the natural environment around us, but giving a foundation of a nurturing environment for our students.

WASH Program

We meet the critical needs of clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices that are essential to prevent diseases and further enhance good health and development of children.

Nutrition Program

In response to children arriving hungry at the Center, RAFIKI has implemented a nutrition program, meeting the children’s immediate needs that nourishes growing minds, bodies and souls.

Free Play

When children are left free to create, it is remarkable to witness the elaborative creations they build. As part of our approach we emphasize free play and learning in a safe and creative space.